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Monthly Archives: May 2011

The crisis of cucumber

The death of 15 people and 1,400 people affected by the intake of cucumbers infected with E.coli in Germany has activated all health alarms of the European Union, and has caused a crisis in the European vegetables market. According to … Continue reading

German nuclear shutdown

30 years of citizen protests and Fukushima nuclear accident have led to the decision of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel declared the closure of all German nuclear plants before 2022, a decision that becomes Germany into renewable energy precursors. Angela Merkel’s … Continue reading

The yields of victory

FC Barcelona was crowned yesterday European football champion in defeating Manchester United in the Champions League final match played in London. Pep Guardiola’s team won 3-1 Sir Alex Ferguson’s team, with goals from Pedro, Messi and Villa against one goal … Continue reading

Consumer Goods Forum comes to Barcelona

The Consumer Goods Forum arrives to Barcelona from Tokyo, its former headquarters, because of the natural disaster caused by the earthquake and subsequent nuclear crisis. Consumer Goods Forum will host its 2011 summit from June 15th to June 17th, and … Continue reading

G8 to support Arab spring with 40,000 million dollar

The G8, seven richest countries in the world and Russia, agreed to support Arab spring with 40,000 million dollars to encourage the democratic process. Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan will receive the funds from multilateral financial institutions on 2013. This … Continue reading

Ratko Mladic arrested in Serbia

Serbian Police have arrested Ratko Mladic, the former Bosnian Serb Commander wanted by the United Nations for war crimes committed during the Bosnian war, including the Srebrenica massacre. Boris Tadic, President of Serbia, has confirmed the arrest of Mladic by … Continue reading

Christine Lagarde starts the race to IMF

Christine Lagarde, French finance minister, has launched her bid to become first female leader of International Monetary Fund. She said she came to the decision to throw her hat in the ring to become the IMF’s new managing director after … Continue reading

Who should pay for telecommunications networks?

Internet has strength burst into people’s lives, even more so since mobiles and tablets allow internet access from anywhere. However, this internet access from remote locations requires a communications network capable of handling the huge volume of data transmission. The … Continue reading

Grimsvotn eruption hits European air traffic

Iceland government closed its main international airport and cancelled all domestic flights after Grimsvotn began erupting. Iceland’s Meteorological Office said the 20km plume of smoke raised should not cause widespread disruption to air traffic. Just one year ago, ash clouds … Continue reading

Greece for Sale

Under the heavy pressure from the European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, the Government of Greece has been forced to increase its privatization plan to save the public finance. It is expected that the increase in assets for sale … Continue reading

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