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El Bulli closes to make way for El Bulli Foundation

El Bulli restaurant, the centre of molecular gastronomy, has closed its doors. Ferran Adrià. Head chef of El Bulli, announced that El Bulli will re-open in 2014 as a Foundation for the exploration of food.

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Ferran Adrià in El Bulli

The restaurant, said to be the best in the world celebrated an intimate last dinner for staff, family and friends to celebrate the success they had had and ambitions they have for the future. As Adrià said El Bulli is not closing, it is transforming itself.

Adrià began work at El Bulli in 1984 and became head chef only three years later. Adrià’s food has been characterized as taking a molecular approach to cooking, transforming, taking apart and recasting typical ingredients into extraordinary.

El Bulli has delighted the world. it won three Michelin stars and obtained the coveted San Pellegrino title of the World’s best restaurant five times. It is partly for this reason that Adrià has decided to close the restaurant’s doors. Adrià stated that after winning consecutive awards they need to let others take their place, and they will take on another important role.

Regardless f the accolade that it received, El Bulli never turned a profit. Most of the chefs there were motivated solely from a passion for food and were willing to give up six months of their time and virtually no pay in return for the honor of being a student of El Bulli.

The financial stability of the restaurant also motivated the closure, although Adrià’s plans for the El Bulli Foundation are clearly inspired by the passion for experimentation than economic desires.

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