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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Euro zone in critical period to resolve debt crisis

European leaders are entering into a decisive period in their bid to resolve the European debt crisis. Mario Monti, Prime Minister of Italy, said there would be no room for error at next week’s European Union summit and added that … Continue reading

Central Banks’ coordinated action to provide funding to banking systems

The world’s leading central banks launched a joint action to provide cheap loans to banks from the global financial system. The purpose of these actions is to ease strains in financial markets and thereby mitigate the effects of such strains … Continue reading

Euro zone likely to miss rescue target

Plans to expand the euro zone’s debt rescue fund to about 1 billion euro look unlikely to be achieved. Euro zone finance ministers held talks in a bid to agree a deal on bolstering the European Financial Stability Facility, but … Continue reading

Merck’s Facebook page is now owned by its rival

German drug maker Merck KGaA has begun legal action against Facebook after discovering that they Facebook page it owned is now controlled by its rival. Its lawyer described the move as the apparent takeover of its Facebook page. Currently, the … Continue reading

IMF readying bailout for Italy

International Monetary Fund could bailout Italy with 600,000 million euro, according to “La Stampa”. The move would give Mario Monti, new Prime Minister of Italy, a window of more than a year to implement the austerity plan. The report said … Continue reading

The risk of budget cut in Catalan public media

Catalan Government announced the budget contribution for the Catalan public media would be reduced by more than 23% in 2012. Enric Marin, President of Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, stated the abrupt drop in funds questions the current Catalan public … Continue reading

Hungarian debt downgraded to junk status

Government of Hungary agreed to mend ties with the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the country’s banks to stabilize the economy. Yesterday, Moody’s cut Hungarian debt one notch to Ba1, just below investment grade, with a negative outlook, … Continue reading

AT&T pressing ahead with T-Mobile deal

Deutsche Telekom and AT&T vowed today to press ahead with the planned sale of the German’s company T-Mobile USA unit to the United States cell phone operator despite concerns raised by American authorities. Nevertheless, AT&T said it plans to take … Continue reading

Harrisburg bankruptcy is illegal

An American judge has ruled that the city of Harrisburg, state capital of Pennsylvania, will not be allowed to file for bankruptcy protection. Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania, who objected to the American Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection, wants the city … Continue reading

Post 250th

Ritort.net team is delighted that you are reading the 250th post of the blog. For us it is an honor and a source of satisfaction to have reached that figure. Since last April 23rd, Sant Jordi’s day, we have tried … Continue reading

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