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ABN Amro hit by Greek bonds loss

ABN Amro has stated its underlying net profit for 2011 was hit by bad debt charges, including 880 million euro loss in Greek assets. Underlying profits for 2011, which strip out the cost of integration and separation of businesses, were … Continue reading

Volkswagen doubled its annual profits to 15,800 million euro

Profits have more than doubled at Volkswagen after the firm sold a record number of vehicles on 2011. The German carmaker reported net profit of 15,800 million euro for 2011, in 2010 the company reported 7,200 million in profits. To … Continue reading

Groupon reported unexpected loss

Groupon, the daily voucher leader firm, has reported unexpected losses of more than 40 million dollar for the fourth quarter of 2011 when a small profit had been expected. It is its first set of results since the company was … Continue reading

Unemployment hits new record in the euro zone

Euro zone unemployment hit a record high at the end of 2011, according to the Eurostat agency. The average jobless rate in the 17 states of the euro zone was 10.4% at the end of December, revised up from November’s … Continue reading

Japan has its first annual trade deficit in last 30 years

Japan has posted its first annual trade deficit in more than 30 years, a setback for a country known for its electronics exports. The deficit was near 2.5 billion yen, according to finance ministry data 2011 imports rose 12% and … Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz hit record sales on 2011

Daimler, Mercedes-Benz’s carmaker, has said it sold a record number of Mercedes-Benz cars in 2011. Sales of the brand rose 8% to more than 1,250,000 units last year. Including the Smart car and luxury Maybach brands, Daimler sold more than … Continue reading

2011 Balance

2011 ended, now it’s time to do some analysis and balance how it was. Since we start the blog, on April 23rd, we tried to offer a Catalan point of view of World’s most important economic and politics facts. The … Continue reading

United States to leave Iraq in 2011

Barack Obama, president of Unites States, has announced that all United States troops will be pulled out of Iraq by the end of the year. Actually, near 39,000 Unites States troops remain in Iraq, down from a peak of 165,000 … Continue reading

Grenoble welcomes Catalan culture

The French city of Grenoble has received Catalan official institutions and organizations for the 24thInternational Exhibition of Sardana, arranged by the Folklore Adifolk society. The organizers confessed their desires to continue working in the promotion of Catalan culture within this … Continue reading

GameLab closed today its 2011 edition

GameLab, the video game meeting, opened its doors last Wednesday June 29th in Las Arenas, a new shopping mall in Barcelona. The video games fairground is a reference event for video games professionals in south Europe, celebrated for first time … Continue reading

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