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UK to become European largest economy

The United Kingdom will be in a position to overtake Germany as Europe‘s largest economy, according to the think tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR). The CEBR predicts that Germany will lose its current top spot in … Continue reading

EU leaders approve euro zone banking reform

European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels to approve a common set of rules for managing the closure of failing euro zone banks in an orderly way. Under a plan agreed by finance ministers a 55bn-euro fund will be set up, financed … Continue reading

Weak European sales growth hits Nestle

Nestle, the world’s biggest consumer food group, said sales and profits are being held back by weak demand in Europe. Nestle said it still expected underlying sales growth for the year to grow by 5%, although that would put it … Continue reading

CEPS recommends Catalonia and Spain to name an international mediator

The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), which is the most influential think-tank based in Brussels and specialized in European Affairs, issued a report on Catalan sovereignty conflict. It proposed that Catalonia and Spain should agree to name an external … Continue reading

Barcelona is the fourth in the ranking of the most visited European cities

A study by the Barcelona Tourism board presented on Thursday emphasised that the number of tourists in Barcelona hotels grew by 0.7% in 2012 compared to the previous year. In total, Barcelona hosted 7.44 million tourists in the city’s hotels. … Continue reading

Kia grows in European automobile market

Growing in a shrinking market is always difficult, especially without offering major discounts. Yet that is exactly what the South Korean carmaker Kia is doing in Europe, at a time when a economic storm is sweeping the continent. Paul Philpott, … Continue reading

European Union approved a single patent scheme

European Parliament has voted to introduce a unified patent system. There would also be a unified patent-court system. But Spain and Italy continue to oppose the change, because they say the new regime would discriminate against Spanish and Italian languages. … Continue reading

EADS to set a new capital structure

Germany is set to join France and Spain as a direct shareholder in EADS under new plans unveiled by the European aerospace and defense firm. EADS announced that Germany and France will eventually hold equal stakes of about 12 percent, … Continue reading

EU is unable to agree bank supervisor

European finance ministers have failed to reach agreement on setting up a single supervisor for euro zone banks after a meeting in Brussels. European Union seeks a banking union for the euro zone as a way to move out of … Continue reading

European Union wants to boost competition within the single market

The European Commission has passed the Single Market Act II aimed to boost competition inside the European single market. It wants to make it easier for people and businesses to move and do business within the European Union. The new … Continue reading

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