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Catalan Culture

Promotion of Catalan culture, understanding it in its broadest sense, which includes the set of symbols, values, organizational models, knowledge, objects, etc. that constitute the tradition, heritage and lifestyle of the Catalan people.

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Quality of Life

Increase quality of life, paying special attention to the conditions and habits of life of individuals, social, human and community development, as well as to the generation and distribution of wealth.

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Social Justice

Defense of social justice, understanding it as the recognition of social rights of individuals, attending not only to their work but also to their needs.

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Promotion and dissemination of science, understanding it as the knowledge of the true order of things.

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Support the development, from an economic, social and human point of view.

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Fostering interregional solidarity, understanding it as the set of interests and responsibilities.

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Catalonia moves towards independence

Agreement to hold a referendum on independence
The Ritort Foundation welcomes the agreement between the Catalan parties supporting the right to decide to hold a referendum on independence on November 9, 2014.
Although the double […]

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Farewell letter to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela
Yesterday we lost Nelson Mandela, the first president of the new South Africa and a fighter against apartheid. The Ritort Foundation wants to express its condolences to his family and to the […]